About Me

My name is Bobbie Jo. I am a mother, wife and artist. I have always enjoyed the arts and find myself most joyful when I am spending time creating. I grew up on a farm. My first pet was a cow. And in the earliest photograph of myself, I'm sitting on the tire of a tractor. I was the second to the youngest in a large family and the farmhouse we grew up in wasn't a trend but a lifestyle.


My family moved from the farm to a small town in central North Carolina. Painting, drawing and photography proved to be my greatest pleasures. When my younger sister, Heather, and I were teenagers, she used to tell our parents she could always tell if I had borrowed her clothes because there would be paint on them (We joke about this now but this was really no laughing matter at the time)! I was accepted to the Art institute of Southern California and received a Gold Key Scholastic Award for my work.  


Life steered me in different directions and I focused on developing as a manager and business professional, but I migrated back to art often to feed my soul. 


Taking a huge leap of faith,  I stepped down in the world of business to focus more on my home and family. I found myself greatly inspired by the small town of Asheboro, North Carolina that surrounded me and the familiarity it shared with my childhood memories. Simply riding to my in-laws' house for dinner, past the farms, open fields and endless tree lines, has brought much happiness to my heart and a strong sense of belonging to my soul. What a blessing to be growing a family and creating a home here in such a beautiful and charming world where you can't drive to work without watching the cows graze in the morning sun.


One day, my mother-in-law gave me some old windows from her barn. I began using them to create pieces to decorate our new home that would bring the same farmhouse comfort and charm I rememebered from my childhood.  These pieces are now something I am able to share with others. My hope is that the work I create brings a little bit of "down here" to every home it enters.